Thursday, January 31, 2008

Boys' Night

Last night was "boys night" at my house. My wife has started teaching a Wednesday evening class at a local community college, so Morgan and I had the run of the house. We had such a blast! We wrestled...chased each other around the living room (on hands and knees, of course)...climbed the stairs together--twice...and laughed so much I was sore!

He loves eating Cheerios and last night, as he was sitting in his high chair, I snatched one up. I stuck out my tongue and placed the Cheerio at the end of my tongue. He frowned, staring at my tongue, wondering what was going on. Then, in a flash, I retracted my tongue, slurping up the tiny round piece of oat cereal. He busted out a laugh that echoed through the house! We continued this routine for nearly 15 minutes. I could tell the laughter was exhausting him, but he just couldn't stop. He has the most amazing little laugh. I'll try to record it on video for you so you can hear sometime.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Thank You!

I'm so excited! Compassion International has won the Myspace Impact Award for Poverty Relief. Thank you so much for those of you who voted on Myspace to make this happen. The prize includes ad placement on the myspace homepage for one full week (so it will be seen my millions of users)...and $10,000. The money will go to support one of Compassion's many programs to help children break the cycle of poverty. Myspace also created a section on their Impact Award page, where you can learn more about Compassion and how you can get involved. Thank you to those of you who voted! This is a great opportunity for Compassion to spread its message about the biblical mandate to care for children in poverty. God bless!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guess the Nursery Rhyme!

Okay, maybe this didn't work out the way I planned. It made sense in my head, I promise! Here's the answer: Mary Had a Little Lamb Okay kids, time to play:
Guess the Nursery Rhyme!
Here's how it works: I'll write out a different version of the words to a nursery rhyme, and you try to guess which one it mimicks. Here's today's entry: The baby Jesus was born of Mary. Mary had a little lamb. And he was perfect...unspoiled. Whose fleece was white as snow. And though Jesus was about doing His father's business, Mary kept him close in her heart. And everywhere that Mary went,
the Lamb was sure to go. Now today, it's against the rules to bring Jesus to a public school, It followed her to school one day,
which was against the rules. Even if other students believe the same way you do. It made the children laugh and play
to see the Lamb at school.
And if you mention Jesus in school, you will likely get expelled. And so the teacher turned it out But good luck getting Jesus to leave the hearts of those kids! but still it lingered near.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Most Depressing Dream

I had a dream last night that absolutely depressed me. I dreamed I was flying. (Usually, flying dreams are awesome--although, in my flying dreams I used to soar over rooftops and I just hover about 5 or 6 feet above the ground, gliding past people.) Anyway, I was at this strip mall that had a movie theatre...and I was zipping past people. It was pretty cool. I landed at the ticket booth for the movie, where my friend Jay was standing. "We want two tickets to Cloverfield." he said. "Jay..." I interrupted, "You know we have to go to class. We can't go see the movie right now." "Oh, okay." he replied, dejected. And he walked off. I continued to fly around for a bit, when all of the sudden, my wife was there. "Hi honey!" she smiled. "Hey, I want to show you something." I said. Apparently I had never revealed to her that I could fly...and now was going to be the moment. "Check this out." I zipped around the mall area, passing by people who would just glance at me. I did a couple of twirls and landed back in front of my wife. "So...whaddya think?" She was silent. Stunned. And she started to cry. "What's wrong? Are you freaked out that I can fly?" "Honey," she said in her sweet voice, trying desperately not to upset me, "You're not flying. Your'e just standing there with your arms out...and one leg in the air. And people are staring at you. They think something's wrong with you." It hit me hard. I couldn't really fly. Maybe there is something wrong with me...mentally. Then, like a scene out of Sixth Sense, I played all my flying adventures back in my head. I wasn't moving past people, they were moving past me. And the occasional glances were people wondering "what's up with this freak?" I can't fly after all. I woke up...thorougly depressed.

MySpace Award

The organization I work for, Compassion International, has been nominated for a MySpace Impact Award, for poverty relief. Anyone who has a myspace account can vote. And you can vote once per day! So please go to the Impact Award page on MySpace and vote for Compassion International. Please tell your friends to vote too. This would be a huge opportunity for us to tell more people about the good work Compassion does. And...if you want to know more about Compassion before you vote, please email me at any questions you have. I'll be happy to answer them for you. Or you can check it out for yourself, on Compassion's website. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My New Favorite Bible Verse

Here's my new favorite verse from the Bible:
"With such nagging she prodded him
day after day until he was tired to death."
Judges 16:16 (NIV)
I'm so going to use that on my wife! Ha!
(And then I'll let you know how cold the dog house gets at night.)

Indie Drive--Get Yours!

Hi guys! Just wanted to encourage you to visit and check out the new project I'm releasing with them...on a flash drive.

Here's the deal. For $20, you get:

  • A re-usable 1GB flash drive
  • 5 songs from my last album, New Pair of Shoes
  • 4 demos from my upcoming album, So Human
  • 4 never-before released live studio recordings that are just me and an acoustic guitar
  • Turn Your Eyes, a video recorded live in the recording studio
  • Lyric sheets to all the songs on the new album
  • Downloadable photos for wallpaper and stuff

And a BONUS: In 1989, my college band, Main Street, recorded an album called On Bended Knee. But we never released it. Five songs from that album have been re-mastered and are now available for the first time...on the flash drive!

Here's the cool part: You can buy the flash drive, download all the stuff on it...then delete it from the drive...and you have a 1GB flash drive to use for whatever! For only $20!

Check it out.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Season of Stupid

I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan. And, after yesterday's debacle in Dallas, I'm an angry Cowboys fan. I know I take losses more personally and passionately than I should, but that's just who I am. So, I've decided that the 2007 season should hereafter be known as the "Season of Stupid" for the Cowboys:
  • STUPID penalties.(As John Madden put it, "Doesn't it just seem like Flozell leads the world in false-starts?") How do you false-start in your own stadium?
  • STUPID play calling.
  • STUPID roster decisions (JJ over Barber, Jacques Reeves playing at all)
  • STUPID defensive schemes (that have corners playing 10-15 yards deep...even on 3rd or 4th and short.)
  • STUPID mistakes (I think I'll throw the ball away, even though no one is within 10 yards of me.)
  • STUPID coaching ("I think I'll give my team a vacation two weeks before the biggest game this franchise has seen in over a decade.") or (I think we'll lay off blitzing Eli in the playoff game...cuz when we put him on his butt so many times the last two games, it only resulted in us beating them.)
  • STUPID interruptions (Let's have half our coaching staff interviewing for jobs two weeks before the biggest game this franchise has seen in over a decade.)
  • STUPID losses to teams not nearly as good as us.

Yep. The "Season of Stupid" for the Cowboys.

Friday, January 11, 2008 Baghdad read it right. Snow fell in in in the in not a winter wonderland. Click here for the story. Global warming my butt.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Transition

"Freedom!" they cried..."freedom from tyranny!" Those were the shouts of those who founded this great country we now live in. They stood against oppression and said, "We will not tolerate it any longer." Now, over 200 years later...this great country has turned a blind eye to the tyrants of the world...and has closed its ears to the sounds of the oppressed. I was supposed to be traveling to Kenya next week, to work with Compassion International on a radio special about malaria. However, the trip has been cancelled due to the recent outbreak of violence there. I've been following the crisis for the past week, learning about the political unrest, the battles between different tribes...the riots, gunfire, church burnings, killings. It breaks my heart to think about the children who have to hear all this taking place in their neighborhoods...running for shelter as their homes are destroyed. For several days, families have been cut off from food supplies...water...the basic necessities. So, I watch the news to get the latest updates...and it's almost impossible to find any information. The Kenya crisis made headlines for a day or two...then disappeared. Not the crisis...just the news coverage. Still, there are over 100,000 people displaced from their homes. Over 300 dead. Tension still in the streets. And we've moved on. By "we", I mean the American public. We've moved on to "more pressing matters" like Britney Spears and how she's losing custody of her children. Or how the writer's strike in Hollywood means we're not going to get a new season of 24 this Spring. And that has me wondering: When did this transition take place? When did we become a country that cares more about a celebrity's personal life than the fate of children living in extreme poverty? When did we become a country that cares more about entertaining ourselves than clothing the naked and feeding the hungry? Protecting those in harm's way? This country was founded by those who were all about fighting oppression. Of all countries, we should be the ones who care most about tyranny in other parts of the world. "Freedom!" they cry. "Freedom from tyranny!" But hey...Britney looks fat, don't you think?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What's New (& What's Old) This New Year

It's 2008. Is it just me, or does that sound incredibly "space age?" I remember back in high school (in the ancient ole' 1980's) thinking, "I wonder if I'll live to see the year 2000?" 2000 was 8 years ago! Can you believe that? Remember the Y2K scare? Years ago!

Some things have changed in the past year...some have remained the same. Here are a few things from my life:

First and foremost, I became a daddy in 2007. The greatest title I've ever held. My son, Morgan Douglas Glenn was born on March 21st. What a blessing it has been this past year to experience a first Father's Day, Mother's Day, Morgan's first Thanksgiving (so much to be thankful for!) and Christmas. And watch him grow! He's 9 months old now...has seven crawling all over the place.

I still have the same job...which, in this day and age, is a pretty good thing! I actually love my job. I'm the US Advocacy Director for Compassion International--a ministry I believe in whole-heartedly. Basically my job is to educate Christians in the US about the biblical mandate to care for children and the poor.

I visited the Philippines for the first time...and got to spend time with Jen Rina, the girl my family sponsors through Compassion International. She's a beautiful, shy young girl who does well in school, loves arts and crafts (and her dog) and who is very good about writing letters to let us know how her family is doing.

I'm still working on my new album, So Human. (Ha! I think I wrote that last New Years' Day too!) I promise, I really did make a lot of progress this year. All that's left is to re-cut a bass track on one song...and background vocals on five songs. I'm hoping to have the cd packaged and ready for you to listen to, by summer.

And, I took part in a new venture, called IndieDrive this past year. IndieDrive is a company that sells music albums on flash drives. They are focusing on independent artists like myself. The cool thing about it is, they let the artist decide what goes on the flash drive. 1GB flash drive includes songs from my last album, New Pair of Shoes, some demo versions of songs from So Human, some never-before released acoustic songs (recorded live), some songs from my college band, Main Street, some downloadable photos, lyric sheets and a video. Yep. All that for $20! Check it out!

All in all, it's been a busy year. A productive year. Now that I think about it...a tiring year! Ha!

Welcome 2008! Hope your new year is a blessed one.