Saturday, April 11, 2009

My DVR has ruined my life!

Don't get me wrong. I love my DVR. Without it, I wouldn't be able to keep up with my favorite shows: NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Heroes and 24. I also wouldn't be able to record an occasional movie. But the thing I love most about my DVR (besides being able to skip annoying commercials) is that it allows me to rewind and play back any part of a program I need to. Anytime an actor mumbles a line and I'm like, "What did he just say?" I can rewind and play it again. I love that! If the baby starts crying right when an important scene plays...I can pause the movie or show and pick it up after I've calmed him down. Okay, after my wife has calmed him down...but hey, I'm holding the remote. I've only got one free hand! :-) The point is, the DVR is an amazing magical box that makes sure I never miss scenes or lines from programs ever again! And that's the problem. I want that technology for everything! The DVR has made me lazy. It's given me the mentality that, if I miss something, no worries--I can just go back, rewind and hear/see it again. When I'm in a meeting and I miss something my boss says, I want a remote control with a rewind button. When I'm listening to the radio and I think, "Man, I love that song! I'd love to hear it again!"...I wish I had a DVR for my radio! When my wife tells me what to pick up at the grocery store and I get there, only to think, "Milk, eggs, apple juice...and what else?" Oh, if only there was a DVR for life! DVR...I love you...and hate you!