Friday, October 24, 2008

My First Big Boy

So, I had to go to Grand Rapids, Michigan this week for work. I'm driving down 28th street when I see him. I've heard about him in movies...trivia questions...but I've never seen him in person. There he was, in all his fiberglass glory...with a doo-wap hairdo and checkerboard overalls. Big Boy. "I've gotta eat there!" I yelled in my car, though there was no one else to hear. I immediately called my wife. "Jen! They have Big Boys here!" "Huh?" "Oh...sorry...the restaurant!" "Oh, yeah, I used to eat at those all the time growing up." "Oh, I've never been to one. I'm going to go there for lunch!" So I did. Hmmm...maybe it was just because I had built up all this hype but I gotta say, I wasn't that impressed. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with pepper jack cheese...and bacon. Oh, and a Diet Coke. Never got a refill on that drink, even though it was empty before I was halfway finished with my burger. The fries were okay. (Remember, french fries are my most favoritest food in the whole world!) The season salt made 'em a little better. And then there was this little bowl of cole slaw. Yech. I don't particularly like cole slaw and I'm not sure why it comes with a burger and fries...but hey...if that's part of their image, I'll go with it. All in all, it was an okay dining experience. Nothing to write home about. Wait...I guess I just did.


Ric Sieben said...

I grew up with Big Boy. They were nothing to cheer about back in the...ahem...'70's. I'd put Big Boy on par with Happy Chef, but at least you could press the button beneath the fiberglass Chef statue and he'd say something to you. That's quite a thrill when you're 6.

Tim Glenn said...

ahhhh....see, if the big boy talked maybe that burger would've gone down a little easier!