Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I'm a little hesitant to write this post. Mostly because it seems so self-involved. "Here are some things that I think will make me interesting to you." Ya know? But I've been asked to play along by a couple of friends, so I'll indulge. Here are 25 random things about me. And you just might not find any of them interesting.
  1. I have artificially inseminated a cow. Yep...got all up in Bessie's bidness. Used to work on a ranch and it's one of the many disgusting things I had to do.
  2. I stole a car once. It's a really long story. I was young. Took my best friend's car and drove 1200 miles away. He didn't press charges and I eventually just bought the car from him.
  3. I love to eat raw potatoes. (With a little salt. Mmmm.)
  4. I'm extremely claustrophobic. As in, I absolutely "lose it" if I'm confined in a small space.
  5. I hate bugs. I squeal like an 8-year old girl if I find one on me.
  6. I have traveled to 9 different countries. Bolivia, Canada, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenya, Peru, Philippines, Thailand
  7. I have ridden a bull in a rodeo. His name was Black Sabbath. I only lasted one second!
  8. I'm an introvert. In fact, if I could spend most of my day not interacting with anyone, I'd be ecstatic.
  9. I don't believe in aliens. I do believe there could be some amoeba-like living substance on some planet somewhere, but I don't believe there are any creatures on other planets.
  10. I fantasize about dying...everyday. For as long as I can remember, I've imagined dying at least once every day of my life.
  11. I have horrendous nightmares. Usually about larger than life animals (alligator the size of a school bus or a bear the size of a U-haul truck) chasing me.
  12. I have jumped out of an airplane. Twice. One tandem, one solo.
  13. I hate to read. Love to write...but hate to read. Seriously, who has the time to read an entire book anymore these days?
  14. I have started writing two different novels. And lost interest in both. Maybe if I enjoyed reading more?
  15. Someday, I want to own a 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible. Mostly because it's the year I was born and I just think they are cool!
  16. I used to be on television. Morning news anchor for 7 years. Actually won some awards! (Spent 7 years as a television producer before becoming an anchor.)
  17. I love superheroes. Don't know why, but I've always been fascinated with Superman, Batman, etc.
  18. I'm horribly depressed at how ugly I've gotten. I'm not aging well. I know it shouldn't matter. But it does.
  19. I'm terrified of being a bad father. I'm just that much in love with my son. I don't want to screw it up.
  20. I enjoy cooking. Especially when I get to experiment and try new things. I make a mean chicken fried steak, by the way.
  21. I have never tried illegal drugs. Although, technically alcohol is a drug and I did engage in some underage drinking in high school. (Not proud of it.) But I've never smoked pot or done any other illicit drug.
  22. I'm addicted to Diet Coke. Thank God it's not an illicit drug!
  23. I don't drink coffee. Love the way it smells. Hate the way it tastes. But for some reason, I've been given at least $15 in Starbucks gift cards per year for the past four years.
  24. At one point, I thought I was going to be a pastor. But I have too much respect for the profession to taint it.
  25. I'm an aggressive driver. If you're in the fast lane going slow, I should have the right to run you over.

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