Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blessing #4: Grayson

First of all, sorry that it's taken so long. We moved into our new house a couple of weeks ago and still don't have internet service. (Thanks alot Qwest. You certainly won't be on my list of blessings!)
Grayson Troy Glenn entered this world on March 30, 2009. But he entered my heart long before that. To be perfectly honest, I thought I was content with just having one child. But when my wife told me that she was pregnant with baby #2, I was giddy. Somehow, knowing that Morgan would have a sibling was just so exciting!
I had no idea though, what a blessing Grayson would really be. He's turned out to be quite the character! Watching him wobble along the floor (poor little guy is chunky with bow legs!) or soaking in his amazing smile, is just powerful.
I love the curve of his sweet, little face. I love his raspy voice. And I really enjoy his sense of humor. He LOVES making people laugh. Upon trying to teach him to say "daddy", I kept repeating, "dah...dee. dah...dee. dah...dee." He reversed the syllables and calls me "dee-dah!" And he cracks up everytime he does it, because he knows he's yanking my chain. I love it--this kid's a wisecracker just like me! (Oh, my poor wife!)
He's incredibly smart and crafty too. Quite adept at getting his older brother in trouble, even when Grayson is typically the one who starts it. At 18 months, he knows how to play the "baby" dutifully. He's also a good eater. Trust me when I tell you, this kid knows how to eat!
But my favorite thing that he's doing right now is kissing. He loves giving kisses. What mom or dad could possibly hate that!? I captured this video not too long ago, of him giving repeated pecks to his momma:
Grayson, you are such a bright light in our home buddy. Your giggle, your smile, your cuddles...are priceless. You are a blessing to me and all who get to know you.
I love you son!

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