Thursday, September 29, 2011

Was It For the Devil?

I have written songs to God, about God and even some from the perspective of God. But one song in particular was a change of pace for me. I've recieved quite a few emails from fans asking me who I'm addressing in the song, As You Think You Are. The most common question is, "Was it for the devil?" Sometimes, people assume I had a specific person in mind and want to know who it was. And, every once in awhile, someone asks, "Did you write this for yourself?" Truth is... It's all of those. As You Think You Are is a message about pride.
You consider this and everything you see
as your imagination running wild.
You consider this, in pure hypocrisy,
as something that you caused to come about...
You'll recall Lucifer was the highest of angels til pride took him down. He started to believe that he, himself was God. In that sense, yes, this song is about, or rather to, Satan. But I also struggle with pride. I sometimes get to the place in my life where I say, "Look what I've accomplished!" Dangerous place to be. Because the truth is, I've accomplished nothing on my own. God's grace has given me the beautiful family I have, our wonderful home, my career, my music ministry. Without Him, I'm just another sinner. Correction...without Him, I'm probably the chief of all sinners.
You're not as strong.
You're not as powerful.
You're not as much as you think you are.
But this song is written to you too. It's a warning...a reminder. Don't start believing your own hype. Sometimes we want to present ourselves as "having it all together." I believe God created in us the desire to aspire to more. But not for our own glory. This song is aimed at all of us who tread that dangerously thin line between acknowledging God and seeking praise for ourselves. And it's laced with some of the same questions that God asked Job:
What about the moon?
What about the stars?
Are you the one who put them in their place?
And what of living air?
Were you the first to breathe for every living creature, every race?
So yes, As You Think You Are was written for the devil. And for me. And for you. I hope there's something we can all learn from it. You can hear the song here: If you like it, please go to iTunes and buy it! And share this link with your friends!

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