Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What Type of Song Are You?

Last night, as I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, Scrubs, one of the characters, JD, described himself by saying what type of song he is. He described himself as an 80's pop song. I think of myself more as a pop/rock song. A little edgy, but with a predictable hook...that keeps repeating itself. (Or in this case, who keeps making the same mistakes in life over and over again!) Maybe I'm like a Nickelback song. They're a pop band that sounds like a rock band. Ya know what I mean? They have a good rock sound, but if you analyze their songs, you realize they are more pop than anything else. I think I'm like that. I'm a rock song on the outside with pop on the inside. Ha! I tend to put up the front of a hard-nosed guy who would rather spend life alone than with a crowd, but inside I'm a bit of a softie who quite honestly wants to be accepted and needs interaction with other human beings from time to time. Wow. That was a lot more revealing than I cared to be. What type of song are you?

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blissfullykrissy said...

way to go in baring your soul. kinda cathartic eh?