Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Movie Star Name

Ya know, if I wanted to become a movie star, I'd have to change my name. That's because there's already an actor, registered with the Screen Actor's Guild, named Tim Glenn. His real name is actually Timothy Glenn Roberts, but I guess Tim Roberts was already taken, so he chose Tim Glenn. I know this because he's the reason my music website is instead of just plain He beat me to it...and he's not willing to sell. Trust me, I tried for years.

So...that got me to thinking: What if I became a famous Hollywood star? (quit laughing...seriously, quit laughing...okay now you're just being rude!) Anyway, IF I were to become a famous Hollywood star, what name would I go by?

I could try to make it sound like I'm related to someone famous.
How about Tim Pitt? Tim Jolie? Or Tim Clooney? Tim Cruise perhaps? Nah...then, even if people assumed I was related to the famous celebrity, they'd just treat me like a B-list Chad Lowe or Stephen Baldwin. Besides, you can only pull it off, if you at least look a little like the celebrity. Ain't nobody confusing me with Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise these days! Ha!

I know! I have a nephew named Grey. I think he has the coolest name ever. Maybe I'll steal it from him and go by Grey Glenn. Now that would be a cool name. But it's not really fair to my nephew, is it?
Hmmm...any suggestions?

How about you? What name would you go by, if you were a movie star?


Brandy said...

I don't need a movie star name. Have you seen my Glamour Shots? They're more than enough to get me noticed :)

Tim Glenn said...


Look out red she comes!