Monday, September 22, 2008


This past weekend I sang on the worship team at my home church, Rocky Mountain Calvary. It was such a nice release. I can honestly say that I desperately needed it.
Just before one of the services, the entire worship team was backstage with pastor Eric, when the conversation turned to football. Eric said, "I could take it or leave it. I don't really need to watch the games, just hear the scores once they're over."
WHAT!!??? My jaw dropped. My eyes bulged. My heart raced. What sort of human is this? What sort of being doesn't live vicariously through his/her football team? I'm sorry. This does not compute.
Needless to say, I'm a fan. As in short for fanatic. As in my life is seriously affected by how well my team does. I can get physically ill if my team is playing poorly--I kid you not. I'm a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan, so you can pretty much guess that I've been physically ill for the past 11 years--at least during football season. This year, the team looks good. (But it's still early in the season, and as the Patriots learned, anything can happen.)
That got me to thinking though. I wonder why? Why are there so many fans, like myself, who take the game so seriously? At the risk of being completely transparent, wouldn't it be nice if I was as passionate about my job as I am about my football team? Or what if I was as passionate about my religion as I am about football? Some fans I know are more passionate about their team than their own family. Though my wife may say I get there sometimes myself, I'm not quite that bad.
I don't think.
I may be.
I guess, in a way, it's sad what we choose to be passionate about. When I'm gone, if someone ever asks "What was Tim passionate about?" I don't want the only answer to be, "The Dallas Cowboys." I want people to know I'm also passionate about my family, being a dad...I'm passionate about making honest music that people can relate to. I'm passionate about releasing children from poverty. I'm passionate about finding meaning in this life. And I want to be known for being a passionate follower of Christ. I've still got work to do in those areas, but I want my passion to grow. You could say I'm passionate about being passionate! Ha!
What are you passionate about?


Becky said...

This is a good post, Tim! And you ARE passionate about the Cowboys - it's true. But that's nothing compared to how you talk about Morgan.

Ric said...

I think you need to refocus some of your passion for the Cowboys toward something more worthy. :-D

Ok, seriously. I don't think you don't give yourself enough credit. You are passionate about your job...things are just a bit frustrating right now. Like Becky said, when you talk about Morgan...those 'boys slapping each other on their silver butts ain't got nothin'.

Tim Glenn said...

Ha! You guys are right...nothing compares to how much I love my little boy!

I just want people to know that about me, I guess. Just want people to know there's more to me than the 'Boys. (Don't tell my brother I said that. He'll freak if he thinks I love anything more than the Cowboys! Ha!)