Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where Art Thou, O' Peace?

Why do you think we can't always feel the peace of God? Is it like a good steak? If you had it everyday, you wouldn't appreciate it as much? Is God's peace like a New York Strip, perfectly seasoned? Maybe I don't want steak for every meal...but it would be nice to know I could go grab one when I do crave it. Why is it that when I really need that peace, I can't seem to find it? I'm sure I've done something to put myself so far away from it. I'm sure it's like running away from home and then wondering why you feel so lonely. But it sure would be nice if God's peace could find me, without me having to search for it. Or is it the fact that I'm searching that makes it elusive? Perhaps I'm supposed to be still. Perhaps the peace only comes when I'm no longer searching for it. Maybe it's like the lost car keys. Maybe I'm supposed to retrace my steps...try to remember where I last had it. Maybe it's in my coat pocket. I could've seriously used a little of that peace today. Today, I'm struggling. Today, I find it hard to breathe. Today, I find it hard to want to. Today, I'm uneasy. Anxious. Today, I'm disappointed. Today, I'm discouraged. Today, I hurt. Today, I'm craving that steak. And it would be nice if I could find my car I could go get one.


Rose said...

I can certainly identify!

I have also read that when we are at turmoil its the devils way of trying to get and keep us off track of what it is that we really want to be doing.

But what comes to mind is what Dr. Wayne Dyer said. He said when you're feeling bad just say to yourself "I want to feel good" and then you start thinking about all the things that make you feel good!

Jezla said...

I know what you mean. I've felt this way lately, but I find that sometimes just sitting down and reading a couple of chapters of the Bible, or just praying and telling God that I feel down helps to lift my soul and bring that peace.