Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hancock! On IMAX!

So, being the superhero fan that I am, I couldn't wait to see Hancock. The idea of an everyman who becomes a reluctant superhero sounded really appealing. an added's showing on IMAX.

So...the very first day tickets became available...I bought two of 'em online for the 8:05 showing--opening night, Wednesday, July 2nd. We scheduled a babysitter...even had her come early, so we could beat the crowds. I've been thinking about this movie all week!

The sitter shows up at 6:45. The theatre is only five minutes away, so after chit-chat and stuff, we make it to the theatre by hour early. We make our way to the IMAX doors, fully expecting a line. There isn't one. No one is there. Hmmm...interesting. So we walk right ino the theatre. It's already dark. The trailers have already started...and almost every seat is taken.

What the?... It's only 7:05. The movie isn't supposed to start for another hour. What's going on?

So, assuming I misread something, I go back to the ticket guy and ask him to see the tickets I printed out at home. Sure enough. They say:

July 2, 2008

"Ummm...I'm here for the 8:05 showing. How is it that the movie is starting 7:00?"

"Oh. I think we changed the time." the ticket-taker says.

"You what!!!???" Man, I was ticked. How can they change the time AFTER I've already bought tickets? My wife and I were able to find seats...they weren't great...but we at least got to see the movie.

Now...was it all worth it? You bet! I loved this movie! Now...the storyline takes some twists that I absolutely DID NOT EXPECT (which can be a good thing--and in this case, it was) but this is a good movie. I definitely want to see it again. Will Smith is great. Jason Bateman does a really good job...and Charlize Theron does too. An all-around good flick.

One warning for parents: There's quite a bit of foul language in the movie (which is somewhat surprising for a Will Smith movie) so you might wanna think about that before taking little ones.


Patrick Roberts said...

Hancock looks like interesting spin on the latest superhero movie craze... if nothing else at least Will Smith tends to be pretty funny

Tim Glenn said...

Yeah...he had some good one-liners in this one too. I'm a Will Smith fan. I think he's a pretty good actor (though he's had a couple of bombs--in my opinion.)

Thanks for visiting Patrick...and thanks for commenting.


ArmieBrat96 said...

thats for the review and i like how you didnt tell too much of what the movie is about....because i do plan on watching it and the whole thing about you walking into the movies and everyone being in there was pretty messed time you should porbably go 2 hour early...

Tim Glenn said...

Hi armiebrat!

Yeah...two hours early! That's just crazy!

I highly recommend you go see the movie. I'll be seeing it again...but I'm going to wait until after the holiday weekend.