Sunday, July 27, 2008

While I Was In Church...

I was in church this Sunday morning, listening as my pastor taught a wonderful lesson from the book of Matthew. It was a typical church many other Sundays. We worshipped, chatted with friends, learned a powerful lesson from the Word of God and went home to make some lunch. But while I was sitting comfortably in my church in Colorado Springs, Colorado...over 200 members of another church, in Knoxville, TN, were running for their lives. Witnesses say a 58-year old man burst into the church, yelled some profane things...and started shooting. Two people were killed, as of last report, but several more were in critical condition. One of those killed was a brave 60-year old man who stood in front of the shooter to shield others from being hurt. Eventually, members of the congregation tackled the man and were able to hold him until police arrived. My. What a world we live in. Please pray for the members of that church. News reports say the shooting took place as children were peforming a program for the service. Think about how traumatic that must've been for those children. Please pray that they will be able to erase those sounds and images from their precious little minds. Please pray for the families of those injured, killed and shaken up.

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