Saturday, August 9, 2008


I'm so stoked! Last night, 8-8-08, (which was also supposedly the start of some big sporting event--wink wink!), we finally finished the album. Just to give you an idea of how long we've been working on this project, our very first recording session took place on 8-29-05. That's right...almost THREE YEARS AGO! And that doesn't include the time writing and learning songs BEFORE we started recording. (Now, of course, we took a lot of time off, to have a baby and all...but it's still been more than a three year process.)

All the recording is done. All the mixing. The mastering.

Now, the cd is ready to send off for printing, duplication, etc. And, I'm also excited to tell you, Chris Tschamler has come up with some great new artwork for the project. Check out the new album cover: Sweet huh?

I'll let you know once the cd is in ourhands...and ready for sale! Probably another 4 weeks or so.

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