Thursday, June 2, 2011


I remember. I remember when those light green eyes shined so brightly. When those bony, broad shoulders stood square and strong. Just yesterday life danced in that goofy grin. And the chestnut locks curled along that scrawny neck. O' where did the wide-eyed wonder go? The dare, no determination, to change the world? Did wonder give way to worry? And dare to disappointment? Those eyes have lost their shine. They show retreat. Those shoulders, now slumped in defeat. If I ever had a hope, it seems I lost it. If I ever had a smile, then fate has tossed it. The curls of youth replaced by graying...straying. Is this the real me? Is this who I was all along? And only now the veneer has worn so thin that truth is exposed? Or have I wandered so far that the real me cannot be found? Lost somewhere in time's relentless ticking...ticking...ticking. Oh mirror, surely you lie. Surely the best has not gone by.