Monday, December 10, 2007

Playing Santa

Tonight, I got to take part in one of my favorite Christmas holiday traditions. I got to play Santa for one of little nephews. Little Christian is only 3 years old...and my, my...what a rambunctious three year old he is! For the past several years, my sister Christi has let me play Santa for her kiddos...and I couldn't love it more! Grey and Shayne are older now...and they caught on to Uncle Tim. But Christian is still young enough to believe in Santa. And I love nurturing that in him.

So my sister calls me on her cell phone and asks me to call Christian in about five minutes. And she gives me some pointers: Christian got in trouble at school for drawing on his table. He talked back to mom. And he wants to play video games all the time instead of going outside. So, here's the conversation I had with Christian tonight.

Santa: "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! Christian, are you there?"

Christian: "Yes."

Santa: "Santa wants to know what you want for Christmas!"

Christian: "I want that green jeep that I saw at Target. It has a button on it and you push the button and it goes."

Santa: "Well, let me see with the elves. Hey, we have one of those?"

Elf: (also played by me with the phone held far away) "Sure do, Santa!"

Santa: "Well, looks like we have one, Christian. But I need you to do something for me."

Christian: "What?"

Santa: "I need you to be nice to your mom...and not talk back to her like you did earlier today, okay?"

Christian: "Okay."

Santa: "And, I saw you drawing on your table at school..."

Christian: "But I ran out of paper! I wouldn't have done it but I ran out of paper, Santa!"

Santa: "But we're not supposed to draw on our tables, are we?"

Christian: "No."

Santa: "And one more thing."

Christian: "What?"

Santa: "You know how you play video games all the time?"

Christian: "Yes. I play my brother's racing game."

Santa: "Well, I need you to go outside and play some too...okay? Don't play so many video games. Can you do that?"

Christian: "Uh-huh."

Santa: "You do that, and Santa will make sure you have a merry Christmas."

Christian: "Okay."

Santa: "Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas Christian! Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Christian: "Bye Santa"

Santa: "Bye Christian."

I love it!

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