Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One Day

One Day. It doesn't sound like much. But what if we could give children just one day off from the horrors of this world? What would that look like? Here's a quick breakdown: -We'd keep 6,171 children from being orphaned by HIV/AIDS today. -We'd save 1,500 children from dying of AIDS-related causes today.

-3,000 children would not die of malaria today.

-Nearly 18,000 children wouldn't die of malnutrition today.

-Nearly 5,000 children wouldn't die from unsafe water or sanitation today.

-We'd give 246-million children a break from child labor today.

-We'd protect 1.8-million children from prostitution and pornography today.

-We'd take a gun out of the hands of 300,000 child soldiers today.

-40 million children wouldn't suffer from abuse or neglect today.

One day. It doesn't seem like much...but think of what it would mean to these children. Please pray today for children around the world.

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