Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guess the Nursery Rhyme!

Okay, maybe this didn't work out the way I planned. It made sense in my head, I promise! Here's the answer: Mary Had a Little Lamb Okay kids, time to play:
Guess the Nursery Rhyme!
Here's how it works: I'll write out a different version of the words to a nursery rhyme, and you try to guess which one it mimicks. Here's today's entry: The baby Jesus was born of Mary. Mary had a little lamb. And he was perfect...unspoiled. Whose fleece was white as snow. And though Jesus was about doing His father's business, Mary kept him close in her heart. And everywhere that Mary went,
the Lamb was sure to go. Now today, it's against the rules to bring Jesus to a public school, It followed her to school one day,
which was against the rules. Even if other students believe the same way you do. It made the children laugh and play
to see the Lamb at school.
And if you mention Jesus in school, you will likely get expelled. And so the teacher turned it out But good luck getting Jesus to leave the hearts of those kids! but still it lingered near.

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