Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Indie Drive--Get Yours!

Hi guys! Just wanted to encourage you to visit indiedrive.com and check out the new project I'm releasing with them...on a flash drive.

Here's the deal. For $20, you get:

  • A re-usable 1GB flash drive
  • 5 songs from my last album, New Pair of Shoes
  • 4 demos from my upcoming album, So Human
  • 4 never-before released live studio recordings that are just me and an acoustic guitar
  • Turn Your Eyes, a video recorded live in the recording studio
  • Lyric sheets to all the songs on the new album
  • Downloadable photos for wallpaper and stuff

And a BONUS: In 1989, my college band, Main Street, recorded an album called On Bended Knee. But we never released it. Five songs from that album have been re-mastered and are now available for the first time...on the flash drive!

Here's the cool part: You can buy the flash drive, download all the stuff on it...then delete it from the drive...and you have a 1GB flash drive to use for whatever! For only $20!

Check it out. http://www.indiedrive.com/

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