Monday, January 14, 2008

The Season of Stupid

I'm a Dallas Cowboys fan. And, after yesterday's debacle in Dallas, I'm an angry Cowboys fan. I know I take losses more personally and passionately than I should, but that's just who I am. So, I've decided that the 2007 season should hereafter be known as the "Season of Stupid" for the Cowboys:
  • STUPID penalties.(As John Madden put it, "Doesn't it just seem like Flozell leads the world in false-starts?") How do you false-start in your own stadium?
  • STUPID play calling.
  • STUPID roster decisions (JJ over Barber, Jacques Reeves playing at all)
  • STUPID defensive schemes (that have corners playing 10-15 yards deep...even on 3rd or 4th and short.)
  • STUPID mistakes (I think I'll throw the ball away, even though no one is within 10 yards of me.)
  • STUPID coaching ("I think I'll give my team a vacation two weeks before the biggest game this franchise has seen in over a decade.") or (I think we'll lay off blitzing Eli in the playoff game...cuz when we put him on his butt so many times the last two games, it only resulted in us beating them.)
  • STUPID interruptions (Let's have half our coaching staff interviewing for jobs two weeks before the biggest game this franchise has seen in over a decade.)
  • STUPID losses to teams not nearly as good as us.

Yep. The "Season of Stupid" for the Cowboys.


blissfullykrissy said...

feeling a little passionate about the loss huh?

Tim Glenn said... could say that! Ha!