Thursday, January 31, 2008

Boys' Night

Last night was "boys night" at my house. My wife has started teaching a Wednesday evening class at a local community college, so Morgan and I had the run of the house. We had such a blast! We wrestled...chased each other around the living room (on hands and knees, of course)...climbed the stairs together--twice...and laughed so much I was sore!

He loves eating Cheerios and last night, as he was sitting in his high chair, I snatched one up. I stuck out my tongue and placed the Cheerio at the end of my tongue. He frowned, staring at my tongue, wondering what was going on. Then, in a flash, I retracted my tongue, slurping up the tiny round piece of oat cereal. He busted out a laugh that echoed through the house! We continued this routine for nearly 15 minutes. I could tell the laughter was exhausting him, but he just couldn't stop. He has the most amazing little laugh. I'll try to record it on video for you so you can hear sometime.

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Jezla said...

Ah, these are the days, Tim, enjoy them! (Because soon they start to talk ;) )

Seriously, do cherish this time, because they grow up so fast! I remember playing in our apartment with my oldest when my wife had classes (we were in college). We chased each other around our worn-out dorm furniture, eating pizza and lounging in our skivvies.

One thing I've found though, is that the more wonder I get from my children, the more I love my wife as well. Don't you think so?