Friday, April 11, 2008

American Idol Includes Jesus

Okay, follow-up to yesterday's post. Last night, the finalists on American Idol sang Shout to the Lord again...but this time, they included the name of Jesus! Whoa! I wonder if there was some pressure for them to do it? I've seen a lot of blog posts lately...some saying it was wrong of them to change the words from "My Jesus" to "My shepherd" on Wednesday night. Others say American Idol has no business doing any religious songs at all. Some interesting debate. Regardless, last night, the name of Jesus was sung for millions of people to hear...once again...and I love it! On a side note: I think the way Ryan Seacrest handled the whole ousting of Michael Johns was in bad form. "Last year on Idol Gives Back we decided not to eliminate anyone...but this year...(pause, pause)...we're saying goodbye to Michael Johns." Bad form. Really bad form. "Glenn out."

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