Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm going to step away from my "christian artist/speaker" hat for a moment and talk to you strictly as an American. I realize I'm taking a huge risk talking about this, but it's something that has really bothered me for the past few days. I'm a bit ashamed that our country, under the direction of our president, is using horrible torture tactics to get prisoners to talk. I'm talking specifically about waterboarding. It's the act of holding a person's head in place, while he is strapped to a table, and pouring a constant stream of water into his mouth/nose. The prisoner feels the water entering his lungs, because he has no opportunity to take a break to hold his breath. He's constantly feeling the sensation of drowning. Here's a video, released by Amnesty International that shows how cruel it can be: I just don't know how Americans, in good conscience, can tolerate this. We yell "boycott the Olympics" because of China's record of human rights violations...yet we allow this to happen in our country. I'm not equating this to the terrible things China has done, but I am saying that it's torture. Cruel torture. I urge you to go to www.unsubscribe-me.org and read more about how you can help bring a stop to this kind of behavior. It's not like us. We're better than this.

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