Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bumper Stickers

I like to read bumper stickers. They say a lot about a driver's personality. Some are funny. Some are crude. Some are big and bold...while others have such small text that it's almost impossible to read. (So, if I'm riding you pretty close in traffic, I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just want to read what it is that you're so passionate about that you'd advertise it on your car.)

My wife was called up for jury duty once last year. As she was sitting in the courtroom with other potential juror candidates, one of the lawyers asked, "What bumper stickers do you have on your car?" He knows that bumper stickers say a lot about a person's passions. She doesn't have any bumper stickers on her car. Neither do I. But I do enjoy reading them.

But some of them are just plain confusing. Today, I saw a couple of bumper stickers that just threw me:
"I love ghosts."


"I walk in the ways of the ancient ones."

Okay, aside from the fact that those are just odd messages (I certainly don't get what the second one means), but I couldn't help but wonder: Who makes these bumper stickers? Who said, "Ya know, I bet if I create a "I walk in the ways of the ancient ones" bumper sticker, it would sell like hotcakes!" Isn't the point of marketing to create a product that has a mass audience appeal?
Some of the best bumper stickers are political in nature. Here's one that I saw...that I just love!

And another that makes a really good point:

Now those, I imagine, DO have mass appeal!

What bumper stickers do you have on your car? Or at least share some that you like.

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