Monday, October 29, 2007

Construction Curse

I hate road construction. Not just because of the delays it causes, but mostly because I believe it's a total crock.

Today, crews are working on "resurfacing" a street near my house. The same street they "resurfaced two and half years ago."

Please. It's 2007. I find it absolutely impossible to believe that we don't have anything better to make our roads out of than something that has to be replaced every 2-3 years. Before 2010, crews will be back, on that same road, putting a new surface down.

Is there no better, longer-term solution?

Do you know how many industries would love to have that kind of return? To know that you've got to buy their product over and over again every 2-3 the tune of millions of dollars per buy?
It's crazy. Talk about job security. As long as they're making roads out of asphalt, construction companies will never run out of work.

That's a crock.


Rose said...

Welcome to the world of government politics!

I'm surprised that you're surprised.

Some areas don't get such a service every 2 or 3 years.

Consider yourself lucky. Although your (and my) tax dollars pay for such a thing be glad that you don't live in my area where the county demanded that everyone fix their sidewalks and pay for it as well!

Tim Glenn said...

That's crazy!

Seriously...can you invest in road construction? Seems like there will always be a return on that investment.