Monday, October 1, 2007

Money Pit

My wife and I have decided to sell the house. So, as any potential home-sellers do, we brought in a realtor to look at our house and give us an assessment of what needs to be done. New carpet, paint the exterior, stain the deck, repair a section of the driveway and clean...clean...clean. Mostly stuff that we already knew. So we started. Over the past month, we've managed to paint the exterior of the house, move out a LOT of stuff. We've cleaned til our hands are raw...packed up boxes upon boxes of accessories and items that we can afford to do without for awhile...and even painted some interior walls. We're making a lot of progress. But wouldn't you know it, all of the sudden, things have started happening. The microwave just blew on us. $160 repair. The oven broiler went out too. $200. We were moving stuff out of the attic and I slipped off the rafter and onto the drywall below. Of course, that cracked the ceiling in the main now that needs to be replaced. And once it's repaired the entire ceiling will have to be repainted. Well, the ceiling pours into the great room, so it's not like I can just paint that section, I have to paint it get it to match. Ugh. Oh, and we just got an estimate on the driveway repair...$1600. I'm reminded of the movie, Money Pit. And I'm starting to get scared!


Becky said...

Good thing you make the big bucks! :)

Tim Glenn said...

Ha! If only that were true!