Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't Fly With Me

I don't know why it is, but I'm apparently cursed when it comes to flying. If you find yourself on a plane with me, your best bet is to find another flight. Trust me. Something will go wrong. One of my worst experiences came this past week...on Continental Airlines. I was supposed to leave from San Antonio at 3pm...for a quick 36-minute flight over to Houston...then onto Colorado Springs. At 3pm, we got on the'd away from the gate. That's when the pilot told us: "Houston's airport is shut down due to weather. We're going to sit here for a bit." So, we sat for an hour and a half before they taxi'd back to the gate....and we all got off the plane. And waited...for two hours. Then we got back onto another plane. We taxi'd out...and stopped again. We sat on the plane for another hour and a half. When the pilot made this announcement: "We're going to have to switch you over to another plane. This one can't make it to Houston at this point." Not sure what that means but that's what he said. So, we got off that plane and switched over to another one. We taxi'd out away from the gate...and then, another announcement: "The weather has gotten bad in Houston again, so we're going to have to sit here for awhile. We'll give you an update in 30 minutes or so." After 30 minutes, the pilot came back on. "Well, we got an update and it's not good. Looks like we're going to have to sit here for another hour and a half before we can take off. So just sit back, relax...feel free to use your cell phones." At this point I had been on three different planes for a total of three and half hours and had not gone anywhere. Adding to the frustration is the fact that planes were taking off FROM Houston almost the entire time. If they can takeoff, can't they land? I tell you, I'm cursed. Consider my flight history:
  • 13 flights on United Airlines: 10 delays of at least one hour each, 3 cancellations, 2 lost bags.
  • 4 flights on Continental Airlines: 3 delays, 1 cancellation, 1 lost bag.
  • 2 flights on Delta Airlines: 2 multi-hour delays.
  • 2 flights on Soutwest Airlines: 1 hour-long delay.
  • 1 flight on Cathay Pacific: 1 stolen videocamera from my luggage
Almost every flight on these airlines has had some problem. United is by far the worst in my books. My best luck seems to come on American Airlines. I've flown them 14 times and only had two delays. But ya gotta wonder. So...take my advice: don't fly with me.

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g9ine said...

Ouch! I actually have good luck when I fly. I wonder whose flight karma is stronger, your or mine.