Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Adventures with Chong

I get my hair cut just about every three weeks. I always go to the same place: Chong's Hair Salon. It's a small salon in a strip mall about two miles from my home. It's owned by a widowed Korean woman...named Chong. While she does a great job of cutting my hair, I like Chong best for her personality...and her sense of humor. She is a character. In fact, I think she would make a great recurring character for a Saturday Night Live skit. Somehow, she manages to insult me just about everytime I sit down for a cut...but she does it with such disarming wit and charm that I just laugh along. Here are some of the barbs she's hurled my way while trimming my mane:
"Next time you come in, bring some SuperGlue. I'll try to fix those bald spots for you."
"You know, most people who come here have more hair than last time they were here. You always have less. Before long, you won't need haircuts anymore!"
When I walked in the door one day for my appointment:
"What happened to you? Did you get scared? You have so much gray hair today!"
"You should take pictures of yourself now, so your son can see what you looked like with hair when he gets older."
When I told her I used to be a news anchor:
"You used to be on TV? Did you have more hair or did you wear a wig?"
Yet I keep coming back for the abuse! Seriously, it's all in good fun and I actually look forward to my haircuts with her now. But I just had to share a few of her comments with you. I'll write more as I go for future haircuts.

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