Tuesday, November 13, 2007


My son, Morgan Douglas Glenn, will be 8 months old next week. I'm just amazed at how fast he's growing. Heck, I'm still shocked that I'm a daddy! I am so in love with this little guy.

A couple of weeks ago, he mastered sitting up on his own. Now he loves to fall over, just so he can sit back up! He's not quite strong enough to pull himself up to a stand yet, but if you stand him up at the edge of something, like a coffee table, he can hold on and stand on his own forever.

This pic is of him in his Superman costume. Doesn't he just look like he's ready to take off and fly? For those who don't know, I'm a huge Superman fan. I jokingly told my wife that if he was born with black hair and blue eyes, we'd name him Kalel. Well, he's definitely got the blue eyes, but looks like he's going to have daddy's brown hair.

That's okay. I love his name. He's named after a Christian music artist that was instrumental in me becoming an artist myself. His name is Morgan Cryar. I used to listen to his stuff all the time in college. I loved his sound...and thought he had a pretty cool name. His music influenced me to get involved in Christian music. The summer after my senior year in college, I entered a vocal competition in Dallas...and ended up winning. There were two prizes for first place:
1. I got 12 hours of studio time at a recording studio in Nashville. It's where I recorded the majority of my very first solo project, Shock the World. (Available only on cassette--I have a case of 'em in my garage!)
2. I got to open up for Morgan Cryar at a concert. What a blast!

Back to my boy. He's sleeping through the night now, which makes mommy and I both happy. And the most awesome thing: Sometimes, when he wakes up in the morning, he sings in his bed. It's all just baby babble, but he loves to sing! And I love to listen to him.


Jezla said...

He's cute!

It only gets better, though it's hard watching them grow up.

Watch out now that he's sleeping through the night...that's how I ended up with three!

Tim Glenn said...

Yeah, Jen is already talking about wanting number two. I don't know...I'm so engrossed in this little boy, I don't know if I want another yet.
Thanks for reading...and commenting, Jezla.