Thursday, November 29, 2007


I already told you about August Rush, the recent movie my wife and I saw during Thanksgiving weekend...but let me tell you about what happened just before the movie. Keep in mind we were on a date, leaving our baby boy at home with his grandparents. You may not know, but we went through nearly 12 years of thinking we weren't going to be blessed with children. Then, our little miracle came along. Morgan is our pride and joy. I love him more than I can put into words. And even though it was Jen's mom and dad watching was still difficult to leave him at home while we went to a movie. So, we're a little stressed as it is. Then, the lights dimmed and the previews began. The very first video starts with a closeup of Jennifer Anniston. She looks directly into the camera and says, "Your son will not live to see his next birthday." Jen and I just looked at each other and she started to cry. What a horrible thing to say to someone! Especially a new mom and dad who are at a movie, leaving their baby boy at home. It was an ad campaign by St. Judes Children's Hospital. I know what they were trying to do with the ad campaign, but I think it's tacky and classless. Shame on St. Judes. I can't believe they have to stoop to such cheap scare tactics to try to drum up donors. I don't like this campaign by St. Judes at all...and I sent them an email to say just that. I hope you will do the same by sending them a message here.

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g9ine said...

I was gonna give to St. Jude's this Christmas as a gift to someone, but I'll pick another charity that means something to that person.