Friday, November 2, 2007

Me and the 'Boys (Part 1)

I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. Have been since I first saw Roger Staubach throw a pass...and Tony Dorsett plow through defensive lines. I stuck with 'em through the lean years before Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmit Smith came along. I survived another drought after those golden years...and am anxiously waiting to see how the rest of this season plays out.

On October 14th, I got a chance to go see my 'boys play against the New England Patriots in Dallas.

Yeah, we lost. But being there in Texas Stadium was incredible. 50-yard line. 19th row. Amazing seats. I went to the game with my brother. We got there a couple of hours early, so we got to see the players warming up on the field before the game. I had my Nikon D80 with me...and started snapping off some pics.

One of the security guys guarding the gate to the field asked me a question:

" wanna go down on the field to take some pics?"

"Heck yeah!" I replied like an overzealous 10-year old Beaver Cleaver.

"Slip me a twenty and I'll let you on the field."

So I did. I paid the 20 bucks and spent the next hour or so on the field, taking snapshots of my favorite players...Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, Marion Barber, Roy Williams, DeMarcus was a Cowboys fan dream come true!

Tony Romo and Terrell Owens chat during pre-game warmups.

Terrell Owens takes a lap around the stadium...with cheers from Cowboys fans and jeers from Patriots fans.

Tony Romo stretches before the game.

Terence Newman.

DeMarcus Ware.

Roy Williams, Keith Davis and Jacques Reeves run a few sprints prior to opening kickoff.

Anthony Fasano catches a pass from backup QB, Brad Johnson during pre-game warmup.

Patrick Crayton gets a toss from Tony Romo.

And now a couple of pics from the actual game:

Marion Barber breaks free around the outside for a huge gain.

Terrell Owens catches a pass and runs it in for a touchdown.

Yeah, we lost the game. But the experience was amazing.

Go Cowboys!

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