Monday, November 5, 2007

Me and the 'Boys (Part 2)

Since my last post including pictures of the Dallas Cowboys from the October 14th game against the Patriots drew so much response, I've decided to include a few more photos today. (Click on any pic to see a larger version.) Enjoy!

Terrell Owens stretching before the game. Look at the size of those biceps!

Patrick Crayton about to haul in a pass from Tony Romo.

Marion Barber chats it up with Jason Garrett.

Sam Hurd catches a toss from Tony Romo.


Jason Witten.

Brad Johnson warms up before the game.

Jacques Reeves, Pat Watkins, Nathan Jones and Evan Oglesby jogging onto the field.

T.O. catches a pass on the three yard line. The refs would say he was out of bounds when he came down with the ball. Replay suggests otherwise. It's okay. A few plays later, T.O. catches a pass for a T.D. (See Me and the 'Boys, Part 1 for that pic.)

Patrick Crayton hauls in a touchdown pass.

Greg Ellis...with Bradie James in the background.

Two Patriots wrestle T.O. after he catches another pass for a first down.

For the guys.

Since we're showing pictures of girls...ha!


Jezla said...

Ugh, I could do without that last pic. I'm still reeling from yesterday's game here in Indy. :)

Tim Glenn said...

I'm sorry Jezla. I was so hoping that you guys would beat the Pats. Take away that one little mistake by Peyton and it could've been a different outcome. Ugh.

Becky said...

No clicking for me. Who would want to enlarge that first picture? :)

Great shots, though.

Tim Glenn said...

It's worth doing just to check out the sheer size of his arms. Holy cow that guy is ripped!